Wrist problems

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Wrist problems

Wrist pain is a common condition with various causes. The wrist joint plays a role in basic movements, from texting to writing. When pain occurs, it can interfere with day-to-day activities and even impact a person’s quality of life.

Fast facts on wrist pain:

  • If any parts of the wrist, including the bones, ligaments, or tendons, become injured, it can lead to wrist pain.
  • Wrist pain that is reoccurring is often due to certain conditions, such repetitive stress injuries and inflammation of the joints.
  • Wrist pain can also occur over a long period.

Symptoms of wrist pain

The symptoms of wrist pain include soreness, aching, and swelling in the wrist.

Wrist pain symptoms can vary depending on the cause. Some people may have pain that they describe as achy or dull; others may have pain that is sharp. The location of the pain can also vary.

In addition to pain, other symptoms may develop. Symptoms of an injury, such as a wrist sprain, can include swelling and bruising. Numbness, tingling, and weakness of the hand might also occur when pain is due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Some people may develop the following symptoms:

  • Stiffness – in the wrist and potentially the fingers.
  • Trouble gripping objects – grasping or holding on may be difficult or uncomfortable.
  • A clicking sound when moving the wrist – this can be more severe after periods of rest.

Depending on the cause, symptoms may be mild to start and become worse as time goes on.

At first, pain may only occur during certain activities. In time, as the condition worsens, pain might occur even at rest. Numbness can also progress to the point where a person cannot feel cold or heat and may drop things.

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